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History and Horrors Short Story Collection

It was only me that could see her.
Tragic, dead Ivy.
Sometimes I wished I weren't so lucky. Wished I experienced her the way the rest of the world did: as a cold draught, or a banging door you been gosh darn meaning to get fixed for months now. But to me she wasn't just a flash of light in the corner of your eye. She was a young woman in a torn yellow bustle dress and eyes like storm clouds. A reminder that there were layers between life and death that stretched far beyond our comprehension.

Stranded in the middle of the Australian desert, the Golden Plains Hotel is isolated, run down and haunted by murdered Ivy Westerly. Through the barrier between two worlds, Ivy and publican's daughter Alice console each other in their monotonous existence. 
Alice is ecstatic when she finds a way to leave the Golden Plains. But tragic, dead Ivy won't let go of their friendship quite so easily...

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As the water closes in over my head, I hear my father's words.
'Respect the sea. Never pretend to know her secrets.'
I'm a sailor, a swimmer. My legs ought to be reacting, kicking, trying to save me. Instead, I let the sea grab my heavy coat and pull me down. I'm dying, yes, I faintly comprehend this. But I've managed to escape.

It's a routine fishing trip off the coast of Ireland for Tom and his crew. But as night closes in, a mysterious galleon appears beside them.
Perhaps it's a mirage.
Perhaps there's a rational explanation.
Perhaps it's a ghost ship that will bring death to all who see it.

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People imagined the dead peering out from behind the gas lamps. They heard the clatter of invisible feet on the cobbles. And they flooded every Friday evening to parlours like Arabella's in hope of catching a glimpse of what lay beyond the curtain of mortality.

Nineteenth century London is enthralled by the supernatural, flooding to séance parlours across the city to catch a glimpse of the other side. But when Will Edwards joins in the craze, it is the beautiful medium Arabella with whom he becomes enraptured. 
For Will, making contact with spirits is nothing more than a way of growing closer to the object of his affection. But with Arabella around, ghosts are never far away. Will comes to realise his dead wife is not quite ready to be forgotten.

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