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Credit List

Feature Films:

2018: Jackie the Ripper (pre-production): dir. by Troy Brown

2011:Journey to Mount Fuji: dir. by Cris Uberman, Hiromark International

2010: Johnny Ghost (co-composer): dir. by Donna McRae, McRae and Vale

2009: Purge: dir. by David King, DJK Media

Short Films:

2018: Going to Seed:dir. by Jane Dodd

2015: Nine Iron: dir. by Julie D. Dunn

2015: Gammon Steak and Peas: dir. by Samuel Lodato

2014: Trooth Fairy: dir. by David Kazadi

2014: Possession: dir. by James Page

2013: Gavage: dir. by Israr Hussain

2013: White Light Co.: dir. by Julie D. Dunn

2013: On Top: dir. by Jane Dodd

2013: Jennifer: dir. by Matthew Critchfield

2012: Destination Unknown: dir. by Absheik Khana

2011: The Outing: dir. by Mark La Rosa

2009: Lamb of God: dir. by Donna McRae

2008: Trapapipa Crew- Wild but Wise: dir. by Celia Furt

2007: The Gentleman: dir. by Donna McRae

2007: Happiness Starts When Morals Stop: dir. by Celia Furt

2006: Waiting: dir. by Meo

2006: The Cheat: dir. by Michael Vale

2005: The Usherette: dir. by Donna McRae

2004: Rain: dir. by Melanie Horkan

2004: La Chien Qui Fume: dir. by Donna McRae

2003: Jonathan Kay: dir. by Aurelio Trevisiol


2012-2014: Persona, seasons 3-7: prod. by Don Allen, App Media Network

2007-2008: Fusion Latina, seasons 2-4: prod. by Francisco Lopez, Antenna                           Hispana Melbourne


2011: What About Us, dir. by Janet Provan

2005: Echoes Behind Bars, 5:Fifteen Composers' Collective

2004: This Side of New York, dir. by Laura Hamilton



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