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It's 1994 and, growing up in a forgotten corner of Australia, Abby's life consists of backyard cricket, Nintendo and underwater wrestles with her best friend, Justin. But when she hears a recording of a Dvorak violin concerto, Abby becomes determined to one day perform the piece in the concert halls. Suddenly, music is everything and not even her blossoming relationship with Justin can pull her Abby away from her dreams.

At eighteen she is given a chance at her dream: a scholarship to the Melbourne Conservatorium. But when she falls for charismatic composer, Matt, Abby discovers love for a person can be as consuming as love for music. Their passionate relationship has her questioning everything she thought she ever wanted. Abby realises that to face the future, she must first confront the past, uncovering some uncomfortable truths about herself, her family and the passion that has shaped her life. 

"Beautiful and inspirational"- Carissa Lynch, author of The Flocksdale Files

"A gem for young adult readers"- Jennifer Loiske, author of the Immortal Blood series.

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