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In Darkened Corners (A Lindisfarne Series Short Story)

Holy Island of Lindisfarne



It's 1715 and war is on the horizon. Jacobite armies are forming around Britain, determined to put their king back on the throne. 


Julia Mitchell wants no part in the Rising. With a child to raise and no husband to speak of, she has struggled to build a life of her own. She'll not risk that hard-fought security for the Jacobite cause. 


But the tiny village of Lindisfarne is full of secrets, and Julia soon learns she is vital to the Jacobites' plans. Remaining neutral is no longer an option – perhaps it never was. 

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Firelight Rising (The Lindisfarne Series, Book 1)

Holy Island of Lindisfarne
England, 1715

Twenty years after fleeing Holy Island, Eva Blake and her siblings return to their dilapidated family home in an attempt to piece together their tattered lives. But a new Jacobite Rising is gaining momentum, and as outsiders from London, the Blakes find themselves under suspicion from the villagers.

When conflict with the locals comes to a head, Eva finds herself escaping to the nearby island of Longstone, where the reclusive Finn Murray keeps a makeshift shipping beacon burning on the shore.

Alone on Longstone, Eva and Finn find themselves drawn to each other, despite his attempts to keep her at a distance. But long-buried secrets are beginning to resurface, and Eva can’t help but fear she has made a grave error in opening her heart to Finn. 

All she knows is her life is in danger, and she must confront the past if she is to survive.

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