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I hate networking. I don't consider myself a shy person, but I can't stand the idea of walking into a room full of strangers and effectively trying to sell myself. For years, I forced myself to do this, armed with a glass of wine, knowing that it was a crucial part of growing my business. (Even in today's digital world, at least 70% of my film scoring work comes from contacts I made at face-to-face networking events.)


My hatred of networking was what lead to the creation of Artyficial Dreams. My brilliant friend Gina and I have created a series of connection workshops- a chance for artists from all disciplines to meet in a comfortable, intimate environment and connect, without the pressure of traditional networking events. 

The workshops are held in central London and centre around the age-old concept of 'barn-raising'- this is where members of a community would pool their tools and resources to literally help their neighbours build a barn! At Artyficial Dreams workshops, each participant gets a chance to present their project to the group and we all pool our connections, expertise and knowledge to help them take their project and career to the next level. It's FAR less scary than walking into a bar full of strangers!


To find out more or to join our next session, visit You can also read more about Artyficial Dreams in this blog post.

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