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West Country Trilogy Prequel: Moonshine

Cornwall, England. 1726.

Isaac Ba
iley returns home after five years at sea, expecting a welcome from his family. Instead, he finds his parents' graves and his sister, Scarlett, waiting to be rescued from the orphanage. 

Against his will, Isaac is thrust into a world of smuggling, forced into the service of wealthy syndicate boss Charles Reuben. 

"Prove yourself trustworthy," says Flora, the witch's daughter, "and the chance for escape will come."

But as Isaac sets about gaining Reuben's trust, he unwittingly draws Scarlett and Flora into his dangerous world of midnight landings. And the harder he tries to pull them from the smugglers' net, the harder they are entangled. 

Find out where it all began in this short story prequel to the West Country Trilogy, set fourteen years before the events of Book One.

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West Country Trilogy Book 1: Bridles Lane

Cornwall, England. 1740.

They say only the brave ride Bridles Lane at night. 

Vicar Richard Dodge speaks of ghosts and demons, conducting elaborate exorcisms in his churchyard overlooking the lane. And with the villagers sheltering in fear, local smugglers carry their haul up the road to be hidden in the safety of the church. 

Isaac and Scarlett Bailey have spent their lives hiding contraband in Talland church. Forced into free trade by their father's mistakes, they want nothing more than to escape the smuggling syndicate and build a life above the law. 

On the other side of Bridles Lane, Flora Kelly has grown up in the shadow of her mother, the village charmer. Sceptical of her mother's craft, Flora reopens her family's tavern, determined that her life will not be one of fortune telling and herbal lore. 

When a seemingly abandoned ship is wrecked in Talland Bay, it sparks a wave of hysteria among the superstitious villagers. Faith in the vicar wavers and Flora feels herself drawn to the controversial old ways of her mother. Among growing unrest, the mystery of the wrecked ship deepens, unearthing long-forgotten secrets that will tear a village- and a family- apart.  


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West Country Trilogy Book 2: Hills of Silver


Scarlett Bailey has left home with a knife in her hand, to search for the father she has grown up believing dead. Determined to punish him for abandoning his family, Scarlett finds herself drawn into the world of a local press gang, where smugglers rub shoulders with naval officers and the revenue men are full of surprises. 

Scarlett's brother, Isaac, is making his own plans to escape Talland and release his family from a life of free trade. Behind the back of syndicate boss, Charles Reuben, he conducts dangerous smuggling runs that will see a bullet in his chest if he is caught. 

When the truth of their father's disappearance finally comes to light, it will have far-reaching implications for Scarlett and Isaac. And while they both fight the allure of dangerous love, their enemies will do anything to stop their escape from succeeding.

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WILD LIGHT small cover.jpeg

West Country Trilogy Book 3: Wild Light

Isaac and Scarlett Bailey’s attempts to escape the smuggling syndicate have left their lives in pieces. Isaac’s children are missing, and Scarlett’s battle with the darkness inside her has just become far more difficult.  

As the search for the children escalates, long-buried truths begin to surface, blurring the line between myth and reality, enemy and friend. Home is no longer safe and risks must be taken. 

Their only option is to escape— no matter what the cost. 

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Also available on Audible and iTunes

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